Comprehensive reform and interior design for an office in San Juan
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Comprehensive reform and interior design for an office in San Juan
The ways of working are becoming more dynamic and remote and are evolving at breakneck speed, which is why the owners of BLOP wanted their new coworking to offer different types of workplace without sacrificing comfort and professionalism.

The space is divided into an open work area, three independent rooms, a meeting room and an office with a solarium.

The project is developed from the corporate image created for BLOP by F*RANDS, designing spaces that reflect its identity as a brand and transmit its values ​​and philosophy.

The work rooms are divided with large windows to optimize natural light and spaciousness, leaving the meeting room and the relationship and rest areas more secluded.

For the façade, a white lacquered microperforated corrugated sheet cladding is projected that passes in front of the windows with more private uses and is interrupted with black metal frames on the door and windows of the work area.

In short, a comprehensive and differentiating design that positions BLOP as a space with identity and functional to adapt to the needs of each user.


San Juan


94 m²

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