Taking into account the limited space of this premises, the coordination of the different tasks crucial in order to do a good management of the construction times.

For this reason, weeks before the start of the construction, we planned the order of intervention of every team and studied the possible simultaneities so that there was no interference between the different groups of work.

As in every project, the transfer from paper to reality involves reconsiderations and adjustments of the different elements.

To be more specific, we had to take particular decisions in order to improve the problem of humidity due to capillaries on walls. Apart from its treatment and reparation, we changed the semi-direct installation of Pladur for a self-supporting system. In this way, it was generated a ventilated chamber that allows air circulation and dissipates the humidity.

After 2 weeks of work, we are in the furniture lacquering phase. The final result will be available very soon.

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